2 Things To Save Me In An Earthquake

Huddled with my love under the door frame this morning, my cat brushing up against my calves, adrenaline pumping, heart beating, I thought, “This is the moment our lives could change forever.”

It was just a 4.4 earthquake, but it’s a reminder that we should be prepared.

Here are some simple recommendations of what you should have on hand, at the bare minimum, without getting all Y2K.


7-Gallon Aqua-tainer
7-Gallon Aqua-Tainer

7-Gallon Aqua-tainer
You think you’ll want your iPhone charger or your blanky, but what you’ll really want is water. Store plenty of it! I don’t really know what you’ll need in a real life situation, but I go off of camping in the desert protocol, which is 2 gallons per person per day.

Water Preserver Concentrate
Water Preserver Drops

I like these 7-gallon containers because they have a spigot that goes inside when you close the top, so it’s easy to access the water if you need it. Prices vary from $15-$25 each, and you can find them at big box stores, army surplus stores, and online. I have 3 of them, so theoretically the two of us could live for 5 days.

Water Preserver Concentrate
I spent the $15 for these drops to add into the Aqua-tainer, because otherwise you’re supposed to change the water every 6 months (which I am definitely NOT going to do…!) It says to add 8 drops/gallon, so I added 56 drops to each Aqua-tainer before filling it with tap water. I wrote the expiration date (5 years from now) on a piece of masking tape and labeled the container.


Chef’s Banquet All-purpose Readiness Kit

Chef's Banquet Readiness Kit
Chef’s Banquet Readiness Kit

This contains 330 ‘servings’ of food, though I don’t think I can actually fathom what that means. All I know is that my elderly neighbor who always runs out of batteries and asks for candles when the power goes out is sure going to be a’knockin’ for food when “the big one” hits, and I’d rather have something to share than be hoarding limited supplies. Of course, dehydrated means you need to hydrate it, so I don’t even know if our 21 gallons of water will go very far. If we had more space, we’d store more gallons of water. But this handy bucket just sits in our closet and maybe one day we will need it…it costs about $100 and you can buy it on Amazon or Costco.


I just have to say that I have no idea what I’m talking about. This site has a lot more info on what you need. What I do know is that NO ONE I know is storing water, which is crazy to me. We live in Southern California, there’s a mega drought, and one pipe break can contaminate the entire city’s water supply. Not to mention that without power the pumps that get water to all of our faucets aren’t going to be working. Think about it. We live in a fragile, interconnected system, and we are just ants on this massive, mystical planet called Earth! Just put some water in a plastic bucket already and consider it “handled.” Thanks.

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