Educating Educators: Green Ambassadors Institute

Check out this great article in the Environmental Charter Schools newsletter about the Green Ambassadors Institute!

Amy Johnson & Anastasia Economou participating in Green 101: A Wasted Opportunity
Amy Johnson & Anastasia Economou at Green 101: A Wasted Opportunity

This February, educators from local school districts gathered at ECHS to rethink the way students and teachers look at “waste,” using an interdisciplinary approach to explore the topic through creative hands-on projects. Educators left with ideas for practical and inexpensive sustainable projects to implement on their own campuses and in the community. ECS students taught participants how to make handmade paper using recycled copy paper, how to capture rainwater and reduce runoff on campus, and how to manage a school compost system. Participants also gained valuable curriculum resources developed by ECS teachers for exploring a variety of environmental issues including waste, water and food. Read the full article…

“Our hope with the Institute is that educators will come away inspired to take action at their school, and then facilitate that process with their students. The first step is understanding that they can make a difference, and by gaining the tools to implement this program at their school, they can really transform their campus and community!”  - GAI coordinator Sammy Lyon.

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