Feminist Magazine Looking for New Members

A message from KFPK’s “Feminist Magazine” Co-Host:

We’re expanding the Women’s Coalition that produces “Feminist Magazine” on KPFK Los Angeles, 90.7 FM and we’re looking for new potential volunteers at a very exciting time when our program is relaunching with a new format and an even more inclusive scope.

If you think feminist media is important, we’d like YOU to help us make it.

We’re outreaching to a select few of our friends who may know graduating students or other community members IN THE L.A. AREA who are interested in Feminist issues – international/national/local news, politics, public affairs, culture, and building community.  This is a chance to cover stories about issues, organizations and people they believe in.  And it’s a chance to wrestle with new ideas and to engage with fabulous guests who are doing what they can to educate, advocate, activate, and agitate for progressive social change

We’re looking to add to our diverse mix with new members/new voices – who have different viewpoints, different skills, different backgrounds and different feminism(s).

And yes, we did say ‘graduating’, not current students, because we’re not offering a short internship, but rather a longer term volunteer opportunity to be part making a difference within an ongoing collaborative women’s media project. Plus, in our past experience, most current students are juggling way too much with work/school etc. But recent grads – particularly those who were involved in campus feminist groups and grassroots organizing – find that this is a great way to continue that work and connection after graduation.

Speaking of time commitment – being involved in Fem Mag requires attending our monthly meeting and being involved in working on at least one program each month. We also provide opportunities to be involved in community events, listener & social media outreach etc. (More details below.)

We look forward to hearing from you, the sooner, the better.

Ariana Manov
Producer/Co-Host “Feminist Magazine”

WHO WE ARE:  Feminist Magazine is the weekly Southern California radio show with feminist perspectives. Airing on KPFK 90.7 FM and streaming live on KPFK.org. Feminist Magazine is an all volunteer group – Our current active members take on responsibilities for on air producing and hosting;  for  behind-the-scenes web mistress, media relations and outreach tasks.

Take a look at our website to see info on current & recent shows: http://feministmagazine.org (Our site includes links to older archived programs.  Most recent 90 days of programs are archived at kpfk.org, via Audio Archives)

OUR MISSION: Feminist Magazine is on the air to educate, advocate, inform, and entertain through a variety of feminist lenses. We provide the tools necessary to implement feminist analysis and action via interviews, commentaries,performances, news, open dialogs and other features involving activists,academics and artists, and more.

NEW POTENTIAL MEMBERS are first invited to email a short bio/resume to give us a sense of their background, plus tell us why they’re interested in FemMag and radio/media in general,  and how they define their feminism. We’ll then arrange for them sit-in on a live broadcast and be given a tour of the station, and invite them to attend a monthly Coalition meeting to meet everyone and discuss what they bring to the coalition, ie their background, experience and interests in relation to feminist radio, and what they want to get out of it. We meet once a month 8pm until 10pm – usually at the station/KPFK.

New potential members have a six-month training/probationary period, which includes mentoring and training.  Each new member may begin with on-air news reading, but first records a pre-taped interview with help from her mentor, before doing live Interviews. Other members may choose to work in audio engineering etc. Ongoing training includes interview techniques, audio editing, promo and script writing, research for feature segments, etc.

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