Film Academy 2014 Kicks Off!

We kicked off the Urban Oasis Film Academy again this year with a lot of excitement and anticipation. What film ideas will we work on this time around? How can we tell our stories in only 3 minutes?

We’ve got an amazing slate of volunteer filmmaking mentors, from actors to producers to editors, to help mentees make the best films they can!

Urban Oasis Film Academy playing “Get to Know You Bingo!”

We were lucky to have two guests offer Theatre of the Oppressed workshops that asked youth to embody their films and stories. The first was with Chella Coleman at the HBO community room in Santa Monica, who led us through mirroring exercises, name games and thinking outside the box. You could feel our team building strength and connection, and Chella shared herself so openly with our youth!

Alfredo Avila led our second workshop, hosted at Legacy in East LA, guiding us through creating images and sounds of the themes and emotions in our films, and asking each team to perform their story in only 5 still images. Each group clarified the most important parts of their story, and the best part was that they had to communicate with each other in complete silence! Alfredo did an amazing job at bringing the teams together to get at the essence of their stories and visualize their films.

Still images of Pizza Money during Alfredo Avila’s Theatre of the Oppressed workshop

All the teams worked on their pre-production materials — writing shot lists, preparing shooting timelines, and securing actors, props and locations before we actually filmed.

Parallel Universe created some beautiful storyboards for their film about a boy and a girl who fall in love while living in different dimensions

March 2 was our first day of production…we filmed 3 films in 4 locations simultaneously in all parts of LA! We’ve got 2 more filming dates, then we’re on to editing the footage into 3 minute films.

Parallel Universe on their first day of production

Stay tuned for more updates, and for our final screening on May 4, 2014!

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