Green Ambassadors Institute Launches in 2014!

GAI_Flier_2014I’m very excited for the Green Ambassadors Institute this year — my first time in 2012 I attended the Institute and found out about Environmental Charter — and knew that I needed to work with this school. The next year I attended in 2013, newly hired to coordinate the environmental service learning program at the high school and the new middle school opening in Gardena, CA, and now in 2014 I have the honor and pleasure of co-facilitating and coordinating the Institute with an amazing team of educators.

We’ll be covering how to engage students in solving real-world environmental issues and align to the standards — turning campus waste into fuel for your classroom…and for the soil — service learning as an engaging community & classroom practice — and how to organize your very own Earth Day carnival on campus!

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of Interdisciplinary Learning in Action on a special day — the ECHS Community Forum! Students will be presenting on their grade-level interdisciplinary “Intersession” projects that they have been working on in teams since they got back from winter break. It will be a day to remember!

We do have a few spots left for the remaining courses, so email for more info, or visit

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