Interdisciplinary Civic Action Projects on Hermosa Oil Drilling

Student-created infographic urging voters to vote No on Measure O, March 3rd
Student-created infographic urging voters to vote No on Measure O, March 3rd

Every year after winter break, all regular classes are suspended at Environmental Charter High School for grade-level interdisciplinary projects: this month of calculated chaos is called Intersession.

Teachers in each grade craft a project that will address an Essential Question and incorporate hands-on applications of all disciplines. For example, in 9th grade, students work in teams to design and build a sustainable community, asking: What is the relationship between community and quality of life? Local community members and elected officials will be judging their proposals at the final Community Forum. The 12th grade is addressing the question: Why does my community need me?

Beware of the Whispering Campaign
We decided to focus on the upcoming March 3rd vote on whether Hermosa Beach should lift the city’s moratorium on oil drilling. I stepped into the team to support students in creating public service announcements and infographics on their position on the issue. Here is some of the great media they created using, piktochart, Moovly, WeVideo and iMovie!
Animated Video Infographics (Moovly)
E&B. Dirty Money We Don’t Need:
Let’s Reach to Save the Beach:
When Time is Money:
Don’t Let Oil Spoil the Soil:
Public Service Announcements (WeVideo, Windows Media Maker, iMovie)
No on O Background Info:
Oil Drilling in Hermosa:
Hermosa Before…And After:
Oil Drilling, More Like Oil Killing:
Keep Hermosa, Hermosa:
Vote No on Measure O:
Stop Hermosa Beach Drilling Project:
Oil Ain’t Slick:
Infographics (, piktochart)
[See embedded pictures in post]
Don't Spill Oil, Spill the Truth created on
Don’t Spill Oil, Spill the Truth created on

They’ll be presenting their work at the ECHS Community Forum on Friday, Feb 6 — come see what they have done!


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