Jennifer Bryan on #gender & #sexuality at SoCal POCIS


Tonight I got the opportunity to hear Dr. Jennifer Bryan speak at the Southern California People of Color in Independent Schools (POCIS) event at Campbell Hall.

She broke down gender & sexuality, how they’re different and related, why gender expression (and not gender identity or sexual orientation) is really the battlefield of gender policing in schools, and skillfully brought together a room of parents, educators and administrators to have conversations about teaching gender & sexuality diversity in schools. The most important point I brought home was that it is our JOB as educators to include this in our curriculum, not because we care, but because it fits the mission of our schools to raise responsible stewards of their communities. That we must all become grounded as educators in WHY we are teaching this issues.

Ask yourself: why should YOU teach gender and sexuality diversity in your school? 

Below is a Storify of the live tweets & nuggets of wisdom from Dr. Bryan’s talk. Thank you for sharing with us tonight!


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