Student Journalism on Feminist Magazine

Camille P., Minerva S. and Aethena B. in studio at KPFK

What do you get when you put a mic in the hands of high schoolers? Feminist radio!

Feminist Magazine went on the road back in March and took radio production to the Wildwood School Multicultural Symposium, a one day conference for youth exploring intersections of identity. Students in our workshop learned a little about why we need feminist radio, saw how we make it happen at KPFK, and broke up into threes — co-host, interviewee, and sound engineer — to produce their own interviews out in the field! Read more about our workshop.

We then brought in three students, Camille P.and Aethena B. from Wildwood School and Minerva S. from Vistamar School, in studio to talk about their Women Empowerment student club, what the Multicultural Symposium means to them, and “the Beyonce factor!” Listen to what these students journalists have to say about feminism.

We were just blown away by these amazing young feminists, and so honored to have them share their thoughts on Feminist Magazine KPFK 90.7FM!

Click link to listen!

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