Register Now: Tech Tools For Service Learning & Community-Based Education


I invite you to register for an upcoming workshop I’m presenting that will teach you hands-on skills for using technology with young people. This is a chance for educators to learn practical skills for using social media to engage youth in service learning and community-based education.

Every time I’ve presented about Challenge-Based Learning, service learning, or environmental programs, I describe how I’ve used social media and technology so students can share their work with their community. And every time, teachers ask: but how do you ACTUALLY do this?

Well, now’s the time to get started! I’ll be teaching some useful tools that you can use with students — show examples of how they’ve been used, teach you step-by-step skills, and work with you to design a social media plan for your class that meets your goals. Remember, technology and social media are just tools to help you meet your learning goals and engage students in community-based education!

Register for this dynamic day-long workshop to see how young people are using technology to make a difference in their communities, and how YOU can stay in step with these digital experts by building your tech skills! Space is VERY limited, so reserve your spot now!



2 thoughts on “Register Now: Tech Tools For Service Learning & Community-Based Education

  1. Hi Sammy,

    Do you think you would ever offer this in an online or streaming format? My sorority has a youth affiliate and this might be helpful for our the coordinator of my chapter’s group, but we’re on the east coast. 🙂


    1. Hi Jill!
      That’s a great idea, thanks for the request. I’d love to do some online classes in the future. I’ll keep you in mind when I do, and it would be great to have any suggestions from you of what would be helpful to cover. Be well!

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