Stacy Rivas, 5th Grade Teacher, Curtis School

curtis-logo100“I attended one of Sammy’s workshops, which opened my eyes to some new ways to use technology. During [their] workshop, I created a Pinterest board to tag ideas for both my fifth grade teaching team and my students. Within a day of pinning a Jamestown colony comic book to my “Early English Settlements” board, the publisher of the comic book reached out to me to share some additional resources. What a small world, thanks to technology!”

Donna Ritter, Executive Director, Educators Consortium for Service Learning

ECSL400 “I met a very enthusiastic and highly motivated Sammy at one of our workshops just last year. [Their] eagerness was immediately infectious. [They were] hungry to learn more about service learning, but I was equally impressed with the intuition, capabilities and contributions [they] brought to our organization.[They were] invited to join our Strategic Planning Council (This has never been done before. Typically individuals are involved with ECSL for a minimum of three years) and quickly provided meaningful suggestions and valuable assistance. Within a few months [they] stepped in to help us meet one of our long-term goals of creating our organization’s website on WordPress. [They] pulled together resources and meeting agendas from our 18 year history, built the platform, added graphics and made it happen. [They] then held a training session for other members of the strategy committee teaching them how to update, add resources, and write blog posts. Many members who had previously never blogged before and felt uncomfortable with technology are now active bloggers on our website!”

Jeanne Kuntz, Vice Chair, Mar Vista Green Committee & Founder, Teaching Wellness

marvista400“Sammy was a skilled and innovative videographer who carefully led one of our young volunteers to [their] next level of competency in video editing. What a gift to our organization, The Mar Vista Community Council Green Committee.”

Larisa Showalter, Co-Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Windward School

windward“In our many meetings together, I found Sammy to be a conscientious colleague with an infectious energy, and a reflective, incisive intellect. [They ask] perceptive and penetrating questions, which have enabled me to better come to understand my own teaching. [They] and I team-taught several history classes, focused specifically on World War II and Victory Gardens. [They are] able to command the room and the attention of the students, while also engaging them in work that is thoughtful and meaningful…. Sammy [also] spearheaded the team of faculty who designed a challenge-based project on food distribution for the seventh grade science class. [They are] always tactful and masterful at keeping the group on track, and everything is done with an appropriate sense of levity and joyful humor.”

Gaby Immerman, Horticulture Instructor, Smith College

smithcollege“Sammy brings a rare combination of brains, enthusiasm, and good humor to every project [they] take on, whether hands-on lab exercises, written and oral presentations, or extracurricular student organizing. [They] are unfailingly engaged, prepared, thoughtful, and respectful, yet also enliven the classroom environment with [their] sparkle and sass.”