Unmasking Whiteness: 4 Day Institute

From AWARE-LA (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere-Los Angeles):

This 4-day institute is designed specifically for self-identifying white people interested in creating an anti-racist practice. This is a “white folks working with white folks” event in Los Angeles that responds to the call from people of color who’ve told us that this approach has an important role to play in racial justice work.

The institute will run from Thursday, June 27 through Sunday, June 30, 2013 and will take place on the downtown Los Angeles, Mount St. Mary’s College, Doheny campus. The cost for attendance is only $200 for the full 4-day institute.

This series invites white people to deepen their self-awareness and build community with other white people taking up work for racial justice. Through personal reflection, small and large group dialogue, and experiential activities, this institute invites the exploration of subjects such as:

* The meaning of whiteness
* White privilege and multiple identities
* How to resolve guilt and shame
* Institutional racism
* Development of an anti-racist practice and identity

REGISTER HERE: http://awarela.org/projects/2013-unmasking-whiteness


Contact Shelly Tochluk at stochluk@msmc.la.edu for more information.

*** Those interested in receiving university credit at either the graduate or undergraduate level should see the Projects page on the AWARE-LA website for an information sheet that describes 1) additional readings and assignments due, 3) registration information, and 3) a link to UCCS, our partnering university, (for tuition costs, application procedures, and the related, optional certificate program): http://www.uccs.edu/~lases/unmasking_whiteness.html

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