Why Power Matters in Service Learning

Wanna get academic? Here are some resources to get you started thinking about service learning and civic engagement.

Why Power Matters in Service Learning

Here’s a great literature review on critical theory and power as it applies to service learning. The author Andrea Yoder Clark asked emerging service learning leaders how they have considered imbalances of power in their practice and came up with six strategies for addressing power in service learning:

(1) Develop Personal Power

(2) Create Space For Partnership With All Stakeholders

(3) Learn In Context

(4) Build Community Over The Long Term

(5) Explicitly Name Power Relationships

(6) Produce Meaningful Action Toward Transformational Change –> Read more…

What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy

At many schools we talk about developing civic engagement skills with students — but how do we define civic engagement? Here’s a start:

This article by Joel Westheimer & Joseph Kahne (2004) shares: “In mapping the terrain that surrounds answers to this question, we found that three visions of ‘citizenship’ were particularly helpful in making sense of the variation: the personally responsible citizen; the participatory citizen; and the justice oriented citizen.” –> Read more…

The Table 1 on page 27 can make for an easy handout to discuss with students.

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